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Awesome Reports Webinar Tomorrow at 11AM

By Brian K. McDonald, 2011/06/30


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Here at Pragmatic Works, we enjoy putting on a show for the community. As can be seen by Training on the T’s (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s that is)! Tomorrow should be one of the most enjoyable Reporting Services webinars that you can learn some good tips using SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2. I can’t tell you exactly what Sherri (and super awesome, but I’m kind of biased) is going to show you tomorrow, but it will be one that you don’t want to miss. Register NOW and log in tomorrow morning. Be sure to add it to your calendar too! Login early so you are one of the first 1000. I think the size of the gotomeeting is limited to the first 1000 people. They may have bumped it up for this one. Not too sure though.


Here are the details of the webinar:


How awesome are my reports!!!

Brought to you by: Sherri McDonald

That’s right, I said it. Do you want to look like an over achiever? Do you want your reports to stand out above the rest so your boss thinks you spent all night at home adding some personal touches? Join my session to learn how to use some of the cool R2 features and raise the bar report writing.


Again, be sure to sign in early. You will not want to miss this. I believe they are going to talk about another training opportunity as well. And if you don’t already, please be sure to follow me on twitter at @briankmcdonald. Also note that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of my blogs or find me using any of the below methods.




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