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Blogging and Saving Money at the Same Time

By Brian K. McDonald, 2010/11/09

I enjoy blogging. I enjoy passing on the information that I have gathered over the years. I also enjoy doing this while watching television. Currently I subscribe to Directv, but that is all about to change. This blog is about blogging in general, but more importantly it is about blogging productively while having a cost savings to my normal $100 a month Directv bill. J


Last week, I subscribed to Netflix. Netflix allows me to stream movies to my PS3, XBOX 360, Wii and even my iPhone! Is that awesome or what? Also, I recently found out that HULU is now coming to the PS3. How cool is that? I’m going to be able to watch TV shows using HULU ($9.99 a month) and movies using Netflix (8.99 a month). That’s going to be quite a savings for me and my family. I could only imagine that all of this competition will lower the cost of television services through companies such as DirectTV, Dish, Comcast, etc…


My Current TV

Now all I have to do is update my 15” black and white television. J


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