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Return Indexes for a Particular Table using TSQL

By Brian K. McDonald, 2010/10/16

I posted a blog recently about returning a listing of all indexes for database, which is good if you want to see how many are in a database. However, you may want to return the indexes for one particular table. Script 1 shown below will do just that!  Just modify the table that you are looking for (and USE statement like above) and execute the script. See figure 1 for sample results of executing this script against the AdventureWorksDW2008R2 database available on Codeplex.

Script 1: List Indexes for Specific Table

USE AdventureWorksDW2008R2




   AS TableName

            , AS IndexName

            , si.type_desc AS IndexType


            sys.indexes si

            JOIN sys.objects so ON si.[object_id] = so.[object_id]


            so.type = 'U'    --Only get indexes for User Created Tables

            AND IS NOT NULL

            AND = 'FactInternetSales'


  , si.type 

Figure 1: Sample Results – Specified Table


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