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Archives: August 2010

Dynamic SQL and Cached Query Plans

Over the many years that I’ve been dealing with SQL Server, I’ve always been told and read about how using dynamic SQL statements can’t be reused by the query optimizer. So, this morning, I thought about testing it out and finding out if dynamic SQL statements get stored in cache.… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 29 August 2010

Restarting SQL Server using a Batch Script

In a previous post, I showed you how one could Restart, Stop and Start the services for an instance of SQL Server using the SSMS GUI. Again, please do not execute this on your PRODUCTION server, but here I am going to show you how to create a batch script… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 29 August 2010

Restarting SQL Server using the GUI

Sometimes you may need to restart your instance of SQL Server. You should rarely do this on Production boxes, but in development or on your local desktop instance I restart my SQL Server instance fairly often. Here is the easiest way for those who like to use the GUI (graphical… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 29 August 2010

Jax Code Camp - My Presentation and Projects

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who attended my presentation today. It got off to a late start due to the prior presentation running over and a little setup issues set me back a little bit more, but I was able to cram in all of the content… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 28 August 2010

How Many Columns In Table and Which Have Identity Columns

I recently had to find a way to look up how many columns were in a table and which of those tables had identity columns. After digging through some of my old scripts, I found this one. It did the trick and I thought that I would make it a… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 20 August 2010

JSSUG Tomorrow Night - 8/18/2010

I heard a little birdy cherping and it looks like there is going to be a great give away tomorrow night. The meetings normally start around 6PM at the Bank Of America building on Southside Blvd. Brandie Tarvin is presenting some of the intricate details of backing up and restoring.… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 18 August 2010

When Did I Install SQL Server?

While getting prepared for an upcoming presentation, I remembered that I installed the November CTP trial on the machine that I use for presentations. And because of that, I began to panic... I thought "man... this is going to be bad if my 180 day trial expires the morning of… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 18 August 2010

Forgetful Fred and SQL Server Management Studio

Scott Gleason just posted a blog yesterday that showed an awesome new tool that people can create little animated videos. When I clicked on his link, I was instantly surprised... I think this is a great way to get something across. My first stab only took me about 30 minutes… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 15 August 2010