Printed 2017/08/20 09:16PM

Rename the SQL Server Management Studio shortcut


Jorge Segarra (blog | twitter) was giving a presentation and he remarked on how the SQL Server Management Studio shortcuts have the same name. If you're like most of us, you're working with multiple versions of SQL Server and have to have multiple versions of the tools installed on your system. The problem is that when you go to select your tool, especially if it has bubbled up in the Start Menu, which version are you starting?

There's a simple solution and that's to rename the shortcut in the Start Menu to include the version. For instance, SQL Server Management Studio becomes SSMS 20XX, corresponding to the proper version. Here's an example (note the folder - Microsoft SQL Server 2012):

SQL Server Management Studio renamed

Now I know for a fact I'm clicking on SSMS for 2012 and not SSMS for 2008R2 or 2005. I also do this for BIDS, as I support different versions of SSIS and SSRS. Having the right BIDS version is necessary. By renaming the shortcut, I'm never having to guess that I'm opening the right application.


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