Printed 2017/07/22 11:13PM

Re-Awarded as a Microsoft MVP


Yesterday (January 1) I received the email indicating I was re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP, once again in SQL Server. I enjoy participating in our great community and recognition as an MVP is a bonus.

As others have indicated, obtaining an MVP award is based on subjective criteria not made public. This is to prevent folks from "gaming" the system. If you're interested in being awarded such recognition, the advice is simple: forget about the award and just jump into the community with both feet. If you have a passion for the community and a sustained effort of giving toward a particular technology area, you'll be a good candidate for the award. Of course, likely by the time you've earned the award, you'll consider it secondary to being an active participant in helping and sharing with others. I know I do. I don't think a "badge" can compare with someone telling you that you've made a positive difference in their career.

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