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Archives: April 2012

Updated Thoughts on Antivirus on SQL Servers

I hate running antivirus on SQL Servers. I agree antivirus is a necessary evil on most systems, but I don't like running standard antivirus on Exchange, SQL Server, or Active Directory domain controllers. My SharePoint admin friends have made good arguments to avoid it there, too. But a lot of… Read more

Professional Productivity Books

Just as with the "soft skills" books, in my professional development presentation, I list the professional productivity books that I have found most helpful in my career to date. You can find the list and a brief explanation as to why I chose that book with this post at my professional development blogRead more

"Soft Skills" books

In my professional development presentation, I list the "soft skills" books that I have found most helpful in my career to date. You can find the list and a brief explanation as to why I chose that book with a post I made at my career development blogRead more

Re-thinking security for customer service

This morning my son woke up to find his eBook reader frozen. It wouldn't unlock. It was fully charged (the green light even came on). It's not the type of eBook reader where you can pop the battery. Since we had gotten the warranty on it, my wife called it… Read more

Tribal knowledge is no knowledge

I've run across several incidents in the last couple of months regarding something that is typically called "tribal knowledge." This is when something isn't written down because everyone knows "it." The problem is that most of the time folks that know "it" don't realize that there are folks that… Read more

Why an employer should never ask about accessing your Facebook page

There's a brilliant piece of work posted as a fictitious resignation letter that gives some scenarios as to why an employer could be in hot water should it ask for access to Facebook. The letter is based on some Canadian laws.


Here in the United States, where I live, an FAQ… Read more

Why you *can't* provide your Facebook credentials

I know this isn't related to SQL Server, but it is related to security and privacy.

If an employer or potential employer asks for your Facebook credentials or for you to log in and let them look at your account, have them go the following link: https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms


There are… Read more