Printed 2017/08/21 04:37AM

Renewed as MVP for SQL Server


I have been renewed as an MVP for SQL Server. This is my 4th award. It's humbling to receive the award each time, as many other MVPs have expressed. If you're wondering how to become an MVP, then Paul Randal's post (blog | twitter) from 2009 is probably the best explanation I've seen. The specific criteria and what's asked for changes from time-to-time, so there's no point "gaming the system." Also, Paul's point is a valid one:


"Lastly, take a step back and consider why you aspire to become an MVP. Do you just want the badge so you can show off? Is it something you want to tick off a list of achievements? Do you want to increase your professional standing? Do you think it will make you more attractive as an employee or consultant? Do you want to become a leader in the community?"


I love being part of a community that really goes out of its way to help one another. So even if there wasn't an MVP award, I'd still be doing what I do. I've sometimes shared how this community has made a difference in my life, both professional and personal. I can't speak for the other communities, but I consider the SQL Server community to be something special. It's a blast being a part of it.


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