Printed 2017/08/21 11:47PM

What is SQL Saturday?


I saw the following post from Andy Warren (blog | twitter), one of the creators of SQL Saturday. He was trying to explain what SQL Saturday was to a non-SQL person and found that while saying it's a free day of training is accurate but not complete. I would tend to agree. When I've been asked to explain what SQL Saturday is, here's what I generally say, in Twitter fashion:


It's a free, one-day mini-conference for, by, and with friends of the SQL Server community. If you use SQL Server, you're in the community.


That has gotten some folks' attention and gives me an opportunity to explain in a little more detail. Some other benefits I then share:



When I'm asked about SQL Saturday, this is how I begin the conversation. SQL Saturday is a great resource for the SQL Server community. If you can get to one near you, try to do so! It's not just about stuffing your head full of SQL facts. It's about folks and fun, too.


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