Printed 2017/08/23 09:43PM

No SQL Saturday - Columbia, SC in 2012


PASS SQL Saturday logoLast week my partner in crime, Bobby Dimmick (blog | twitter) and I sat down for lunch and caught up and asked the question, "What's next?" Bobby and I discussed plans and goals for next year and what became pretty apparent very quickly is that neither of us are geared up to do another SQL Saturday next year. If you don't recognize Bobby's name, he has been the co-organizer of the two SQL Saturdays in Columbia, SC, and was co-organizer of the last Columbia Code Camp. He's more of a behind-the-scenes guy being a middleware-centric developer, and likes just making things work and flow well.

There were a couple of reasons that entered into our decision:

If you're doing a SQL Saturday anywhere near us, especially if you're tackling one for the first time, we'll be more than glad to offer advice and help out as we can. We'd love to see others succeed and get a foot in the community at large.

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