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Have the Time? Get in the Game.

This year there's a two step process for electing members to the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Board of Directors (BoD).  The first step is choosing the folks who will vet the potential candidates to ensure the candidates for the BoD meet the qualifications, otherwise known as the Nominating Committee or just simply the NomCom. This year who those people will be has been opened so that the PASS community will choose 3 of the 5 NomCom members. This is to give the community greater control over the election process.

If you have the time and you meet the requirements (if you've been active as a volunteer or speaker with PASS or PASS functions, you qualify) consider putting your name in to be a candidate for the NomCom. We need folks who care about PASS, care about the SQL community at large, and have the time to do the job right, same as every year. We've had great folks in the past and we're looking for that trend to continue. Only this year the candidates are not being hand-picked by someone within PASS, they are being elected by the PASS community at large. So if you don't choose to run, there isn't going to be anyone tapping you on the shoulder asking if you'd consider serving. Therefore, we need you to take that step and sign up as a candidate. You can do so here:

2011 PASS Nominating Committee Election site


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Posted by Andy Leonard on 11 August 2011

Hi Brian,

  There is more community process in this election, but there is no more community influence (there may actually be less).

  Three of five sounds like good odds of preserving a community voice in the NomCom process until you consider the two are current and former PASS Board members. One of the things a PASS Board member has to survive is the interview process (several popular candidates have not survived this process). The interview is largely Behavioral Questions (en.wikipedia.org/.../Job_interview) and the prime example of a behavioral question is: "Describe a situation in which you were able to use persuasion to successfully convince someone to see things your way."

  Three community people do *not* outnumber two experts in manipulation (who later get to influence the Board at large on whether or not to accept the slate as proposed by the NomCom). Plus the community can vote for whomever they want to serve on the NomCom... so long as the PASS Board approves those individuals to run.

  It sounds awesome on the surface, but there is little (if any) substantive change here. I believe this is more evidence the PASS Board and HQ (still) do not trust or understand the community. I find that disappointing.


Posted by K. Brian Kelley on 11 August 2011

And here's where I'll disagree with you.

First, the managing company no longer has influence over the NomCom process. So by that point alone, the community gains influence. Second, I think it's wrong to characterize BoD members as "experts of manipulation." Think about the connotation of that phrase and how it paints all Board members in a negative light.

To put it in context, I could say, "Consultants are masters of sucking every available dollar they can get from their clients." While consultants have to be concerned with the bottom line, and that means getting paid, this has a very negative connotation on consultants. Would you feel it is a fair description of you? I don't think so. Just I don't think it's fair to call the BoD "experts in manipulation" with the negative connotation that brings with it.

Also, I believe you don't give enough credit to the community here. If we feel the BoD would manipulate the NomCom through persuasion, then why wouldn't we elect 3 maverick, "I'm John Wayne and I'm the sheriff here" types to the NomCom? So while it may be a bit unfair to do so, I'll turn things around and say, "Andy, trust the community." Now, where's some cover I can hide behind? *grin*

Also, remember that the BoD has to accept the whole slate or veto the whole slate. As a result, that makes things harder. If they veto the whole slate, they better have a good reason why, right? And that would come out.

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