Printed 2017/08/18 10:57AM

Bad Admins: Non-Production Servers


This is part of a series of tips on how bad/rogue admins can get access to the data in your SQL Servers.

We all know we shouldn't do it: don't put production data in non-production. The main reason is because we don't treat non-production like production. If we did, we'd call it production. The types of things we typically see:

And here is where the fallacy has crept in. We are classifying the server and not the data. If it's production data, it needs to be handled with production-level controls. But in most shops this isn't the case. Production data gets restored to non-production and then gets handled with non-production controls. This is the perfect situation for a rogue admin intent on stealing said data. He or she gets the data desired and doesn't have to face production-level controls and scrutiny to get it. As a matter of fact, because of an issue that's cropped up, the admin may be asked to check out things with privileged access in non-production, making his or her theft all the easier.

There's really only two solutions here:

Short of doing these two things, that rogue admin is going to have a field day.


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