Printed 2017/07/27 03:43AM

Re-Awarded MVP for 2011


I received my notice that I was renewed as a MIcrosoft MVP for SQL Server for 2011.  It's a nice recognition for community work and I'm glad to be in a position to give back. This year, as I'm mulling over my goals, I hope to do more, especially on the writing and presenting side. As many other MVPs will state, we do what we do because we love it. The award is a nice recognition of our efforts, but even if it didn't exist we'd still be writing, presenting, teaching, running user groups, and whatever else we can to help make the community better. We've got a pretty awesome community and that makes it easy to want to do more for it. For those who'd like to be recognized as an MVP one day, Paul Randal (blog | twitter) has a great post about how to get started.

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