Printed 2017/07/21 01:23PM

Fashionably Late, but She's Here!


I'm pleased to announce the latest addition to the Kelley family, a beautiful baby girl born at 11:56 PM last night. She weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce and measured in at 18.5 inches. She is the biggest at delivery of our four children. Mommy and baby are both fine.

For obvious reasons, I will not post her name, so I'm working on a nickname. Her big sister is known as Kunoichi Princess because she's a girly girl who will go toe-to-toe with the boys and often uses stealth and wits to gain an advantage (like when she low-crawled across the living room on Sunday to get into position between her big brothers).  Here's a picture of the two of them together from this morning.

She has lots of hair, like the other three and right now it looks to be blondish-brown. She also looks to have steel gray eyes, just like her big sister. We are very thankful to have her finally arrive!

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