Printed 2017/08/22 10:58PM

Giving Thanks


I often say I am where I am in the community because of other folks. As we approach the close of this year, I'd like to give specific thanks to a few people who have really made a huge impact in my life this year. This list is by no means complete. It's the top 5 who first came to mind when I thought of the category. Interacting with everyone has helped me more than I can describe and if I tried to thank everyone who has made a difference, I'd crash's servers. Or be like that actor at an awards show who ignores the time limits. And I'm only putting people in one category.

These Folks Have Kept Me Grounded:

These Folks Have Inspired Me to Be Better:

These Folks Have Reminded Me to Look at the Lighter Side:

As I wrote the thank yous, I thought of many more names that could fit in these categories. Whether I listed you or not, thank you.

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