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An Organizer's Recap of SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia, SC


This past Saturday, October 2nd, we hosted Columbia, SC's first ever SQL Saturday. By the feedback we've received, both during the event and afterwards, I think I can safely say most people were satisfied by the event. Here's how I and my co-organizer, Bobby Dimmick (twitter), approached putting on and running the event. First, things first, what did we want to ensure it would be a quality event?


We went into this with some advantages. I'll label them...


So how did we do?

The Positives:

We had 29 different speakers. 4 were Microsofties. 11 were MVPs. The other 14 were a mix of established speakers with some new ones thrown in. For one speaker, this was his very first opportunity to speak at an event, and he did a great job based on the feedback he got. That was Bob Langley (LinkedIn). There were 8 tracks for a total of 48 sessions, plus the Red Gate demonstration at lunch. We had 210 registered with a wait list of 15. That translated to an estimated 150-165 attendees at the event. We had great national and local sponsors. We had great food (which this time around we provided free). We received positive comments on the hotel choices. Traffic flow was good. The vendors were satisfied. We gave out over 100 technical books. The attendees and speakers I spoke with were pleased with the event.

The Negatives:

I'm going to bullet list these because they represent things we need to work on.

The Action Plan for Next Time:

Here's how we plan on attacking the next SQL Saturday in Columbia. We're looking at doing another in the spring time, probably middle of March, and this will be when we do it annually from that point forward.

What others have said:


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