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K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security

IT Security, MySQL, Perl, SQL Server, and Windows technologies.

Archives: October 2010

Why You Should Vote for My SQLRally Pre-Con

Self-marketing is not my strong suit. I don't feel very comfortable doing it, but Andy Warren (twitter | blog) suggests that we do so and he points out that by doing so we get the word out about SQLRally. If you haven't heard, voting on SQLRally abstracts is… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 29 October 2010

Postponing SQL Lunch Presentation Until Next Week

I woke up this morning about 3 AM with clogged sinuses and a fever. Great. The changing weather patterns that plague South Carolina have felled me again. When I was in great physical shape in high school and the first half of college, I still felt the weather, but it… Read more

Have You Grabbed the SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Yet?

I won't say I despise SQL Server Management Studio's (SSMS) display for execution plans, but it's about at that level. With respect to simple queries, it's not so bad. But last year I got on on a project where the query plans were abominable in that display. It was actually… Read more


With the new securables since SQL Server 2005, Microsoft has advised that we start moving away from the fixed server roles like sysadmin and securityadmin. In fact, in light of the fact that securityadmin can privilege escalate to sysadmin, it was stated that the solution was to look at… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 26 October 2010

Vote for Me for a PASS SQLRally Precon on SQL Server Security

Unless James Bond is in the picture, security is usually not a sexy topic. However, we all lament the lack of security when it directly affects us or when the amount of security is an encumbrance which provides no perceivable benefit. That's why I put a full down pre-con session… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 25 October 2010

Speaking for SQL Lunch on Wednesday

This coming Wednesday I'll be speaking for SQL Lunch on the topic of Auditing Database Permissions in SQL Server. The abstract for this presentation is:

Invariably, the dreaded auditors will come knocking at your door wanting to know who can do what in a database. Knee deep in other initiatives, the… Read more

Give Back and Get Free Tools to Do So

 SQL Server MVP Arnie Rowland (blog | twitter) has been running a project, Project Phoenix, to benefit unemployed/underemployed developers who are striving to do development projects for non-profit organizations. In Arnie's own words:

One eligible developer and deserving non-profit project will be selected each week to receive a valuable… Read more

Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) - A Handy Tool for DBAs

Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) is a very common tool over on the Active Directory side. As the name implies, it gives us visibility into every user and computer within the domain. It also reveals other things, like groups, contacts, organizational unit structure, and potentially, group policy objects. When… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 14 October 2010

Tools I Use to Scan for SQL Servers

I was having a Twitter conversation on this yesterday and naturally Aaron Nelson (blog | twitter) popped in with "PowerShell!"  I like PowerShell, don't get me wrong, but there are a few non-intuitive ways to check for SQL Server that likely are a little tedious to code in PowerShell. All… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 13 October 2010

Slides and Demo from Midlands PASS Presentation - October 12, 2010

 Here are the slides and demo script from the presentation on Understanding SQL Server Query Processing.

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An Organizer's Recap of SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia, SC

This past Saturday, October 2nd, we hosted Columbia, SC's first ever SQL Saturday. By the feedback we've received, both during the event and afterwards, I think I can safely say most people were satisfied by the event. Here's how I and my co-organizer, Bobby Dimmick (twitter), approached… Read more