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IT Security, MySQL, Perl, SQL Server, and Windows technologies.

Archives: August 2010

SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia - Call for Speakers Ending

This is a reminder for those who might be considering submitting a session but haven't yet. The call for speakers for SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia will be ending in 2 days, on September 2, 2010. We're hoping to publish the schedule by Monday, September 6, 2010, to give all… Read more

Free SQL Server Training for the Week of August 30, 2010

The only scheduled event among the sources I have listed is the one for SQL Lunch, so it looks to be a light week. If you know of any more that I've missed, please email me at kbriankelley {at} acm {dot} org. If I do get some entries in, I'll… Read more

It's the Procedure...

After going through all the materials provided to the NomCom for the PASS Board of Directors, I think I can say unequivocably that it's the procedure, and not the perception of the procedure that is the issue. Here's why I say that:

  • There is a template, and that template…

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Looking at the Numbers

Andy Leonard has done an awesome job collecting information and putting the numbers together for the recent candidate decision for the PASS Board. I'm looking at the numbers, and quite honestly, I don't understand some of them. I'll stick with Steve, and Andy does a good job of explaining… Read more

SQL Saturday 51 Presentation - Fortress SQL Server

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation at SQL Saturday #51 - Nashville. I apologize for going long and not getting to everything. Hopefully the content I provided was worth it for each of you. As promised:

Fortress SQL Server Presentation and Code Examples (.zip file)

I've added notes to most of the… Read more

A Lesson from My Air Force Days

Yup, you guessed it, another post about the nominations for the PASS Board of Directors. If you're tired of reading such, I wanted to give fair warning. Here are some thoughts I have after thinking about things and talking with a few folks.

Remember, the NomCom Are Community Members, Too. Read more

SQL Saturday #48, Come One, Come All

SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia, SC, is a little over 7 weeks away (October 2, 2010), so we're picking up the publicity side of things.

Get Your Speaking Start

Thus far we've received 44 submitted sessions from a multitude of folks, including quite a few SQL Server MVPs and Microsoft employees. However,… Read more

SQL Saturday, Southern Tour

Things have worked out where I'll be able to hit a SQL Saturday for this month and each of the next two months. If you're interested, here's where I'll be:


August 15, 2010 - SQL Saturday #51 - Nashville: I'm dropping in to visit friends and family in the… Read more

Planning for Maintenance

On Monday, Microsoft released an out-of-band security patch to address the .LNK vulnerability. This affects Windows XP, including Windows XP SP2. Here's the problem: there's no patch for Windows XP SP2. Extended support for Windows XP SP2 ended July 31, 2010. Since this patch released August 2, 2010, it… Read more

Simple Script to Determine Who To Kill (SPIDs)

I'm mostly working now supporting the building of SSIS packages for ETL. And on one particular project we've been making heavy use of snapshots to facilitate easy rollbacks when we detect an error in the way we've handled the process. Well, restoring a database snapshot requires kicking everyone out of the database.… Read more

Midlands PASS Meeting - August 10

Topic: Creating a SQL Server Utility Environment

Can SQL Server be offered as a service (SQLaaS)?  Can SQL Server be treated like a utility that can provide application teams with the ability to easily procure an instance of SQL Server quickly?  Yes and this session will talk about why it is… Read more

GTD: Emergency Scanning versus Processing

Cross-posted from The Goal Keeping DBA blog.

I'm making an earnest effort to work through Getting Things Done in an effort to being more productive. The harsh reminder that every moment counts means I want to be as productive with my time as possible. I had an pastor, the… Read more