Printed 2017/08/18 07:04AM

SQL University Post Coming Tomorrow


This is a short note to say that the SQL University post will arrive tomorrow. Today we're dealing with the funeral of a long time family friend, who passed away on Sunday somewhat unexpectedly. She lived a long life, and she will be missed. So if you're reading this, let me encourage you to take the time to hug the ones you love, to mend old wounds, restore broken friendships, and build on the relationships you have. They mean a whole lot more than any SQL Server. When someone passes away, it's a reminder to make more of the relationships we have right now.

And if you've still got a spare moment or two after you've taken the time to build on those relationships, take a look on Thomas LaRock's post on the mindset behind solid SQL Server security. Don't just read it, think about it. It's good, I promise.


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