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Archives: April 2010

SQL University Post Coming Tomorrow

This is a short note to say that the SQL University post will arrive tomorrow. Today we're dealing with the funeral of a long time family friend, who passed away on Sunday somewhat unexpectedly. She lived a long life, and she will be missed. So if you're reading this, let me… Read more

SQL Saturday - Columbia, SC - October 2, 2010

This is the official announcement that we are officially scheduled for holding a SQL Saturday in Columbia, SC, on October 2, 2010. We have a bit of information to track down with regards to sponsorship, recommended hotel,  and the like and then we'll be ready to turn on the SQL… Read more

SQL University: Auditing SQL Server, Part I

 Welcome to the Security and Auditing Week for SQL University. Last semester we looked at the basics of SQL Server security. This semester we're going a step further and taking a look at how best to audit your SQL Server environment. This is an important topic because if you've… Read more

Thoughts on the SQL Server 2008 R2 Press Conference

If you weren't aware, Microsoft held a BI telelconference today which announced the release to manufacturing (RTM) of SQL Server 2008 R2. I traded a few tweets with Buck Woody (blog | twitter) about this and I see Brent Ozar and Denny Cherry have already provided some comments,… Read more

2010 Scripting Games

Since I've decided it's time for me to learn Powershell, naturally the best way to learn it is to dive in and solve challenges by writing said scripts. Talk about timing. The 2010 Scripting Games are coming up next week. I'm going to try and participate in order to foster… Read more

PowerShell 2.0 on Windows XP SP3 - Can It Be Upgraded?

In my last blog post I indicated that I would be adding learning PowerShell to my list of goals. I made the case as to why I haven't learned it already and basically my view hasn't changed. PowerShell at the present doesn't do anything I can't already do with other tools.… Read more

Why I Have Had a Hard Time Adopting PowerShell

PowerShell has been out for a while. When it first came out, I went and grabbed a copy and tinkered with it a bit. But really, I've not gained much expertise on it from that initial tinkering. I was sitting there thinking about that this morning and considering why that… Read more

Hosting a User Group Meeting - Day of "Bare Bones" Checklist

This actually came as a response to a tweet from Mike Walsh (Twitter | Blog). But here is the barebones checklist I use the day of every user group meeting to make sure the most important things are covered.

Must Haves:

  • Access to the Location
  • Speaker 
  • Projector
  • Access to…

Read more

Cloud Computing - Will Data Breaches Cost More?

That's the main point from the following article:

Video: Data breaches to cost more in the cloud

The cost was calculated per record and on average breaches that involved outsource/cloud computing were more costly. The reasons why are sensible:

  • Increased legal costs due to multiple and different jurisdictions.
  • Additional investigation…

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SQL University Starting Back Up

Jorge Segarra's ( @SQLChicken) excellent community idea, SQL University, is starting back up next week. This is effectively free training on SQL Server that only require's one's time. A lot of excellent folks will be writing posts towards this semester's version of SQL University. I humbly again… Read more

A Good Expansion on the Topic of Plagiarism

In a previous post I gave some links which help explain what plagiarism is and how to generally avoid it. Lori Edwards has gone a step further and not only explained what it is, but practical examples of how you can refer to other folks' works in your own posts… Read more

New MSSQLTips Article: Nesting Database Roles in SQL Server

I'm still way behind on my writing for the year, thanks to fighting off stronger than usual migraines and now the thick, yellow dust cloud of pollen that is covering much of the South. However, my first new article for the year has been published over at MSSQLTips.com:

Nesting… Read more

What I Do to Prep a Technical Presentation

This was a question asked on Twitter the other day, "How do folks prepare for a presentation?" Here are some of my thoughts and what I do to prepare.

Make Sure the Demos Work

I try to make my demos bulletproof. Basically, if I can hit the F5 key and… Read more