Printed 2017/08/23 06:28AM

Have a Question? Use the Forums


I try to keep a pretty tight lid on the comments to the blog because there's a lot of SPAM out there. And I've noticed that there's a type of comment that isn't exactly SPAM, but doesn't really fit as a "comment." It's when folks ask for solutions to problems, and they aren't looking for just a simple one or two sentence answer. Folks, these aren't comments. They are questions. And if they are questions, they should posted on one of the forums. Here's why:

So if I see a question posted as a blog comment that warrants more than a one or two line response, especially one which asks how to do something, if I answer I'm simply going to say, "Post it in the forums." Where you post is up to you. There are plenty of good ones out there, including the fine ones at

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