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IT Security, MySQL, Perl, SQL Server, and Windows technologies.

Archives: February 2010

Plan for Failure

Notice I didn't title this "Plan to Fail." We should never plan to fail. That's sabotage. And that ain't right, as we say in the South.

However, when we do our planning, it is an unrealistic expectation for everything to work every time, especially when it comes to IT. Our… Read more

Quest POTW Webcast on SQL Injection Now Available

Back a couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of participating in a Pain of the Week webcast with Kevin E. Kline on SQL injection. The webinar archive is now online if you didn't get a chance to view it live:


Quest Pain of the Week Webcast - SQL Injection… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 23 February 2010

What Does It Look Like When Everything Is Okay?

I'm a big believer in looking at systems when everything is okay. I'm not the only one, as Joe Richards, a Directory Services MVP, commented the same thing a while back. If you work with Active Directory and you don't know who Joe Richards is, you need to go ahead and revoke… Read more

On Ethics

I was having a conversation recently with a friend and former co-worker of mine. He's bounced around here and there, looking for better positions. And when he first began that journey, it looked like he was heading in the right direction. But with the down turn in the economy, his… Read more

Why I Don't Like Microsoft Access

After seeing Brent Ozar's Top 10 Reasons Why Access Doesn't Rock, and seeing all the comments it generated, I figured I would throw my two cents in. Now it's important to understand that I'm speaking here of the database portion itself, which I have seen used more frequently than it… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 15 February 2010

POTW Webcast with Kevin Kline

 Today I'll be tagging along with Kevin Kline for the Quest Pain of the Week webcast. We'll be talking about SQL injection. The title is:

Understanding and Preventing SQL Injection Attacks

The webcast will be at 11 AM Eastern Time / 8 AM Pacific. If you register, you'll also have… Read more

Knowing how to use ATTRIB

ATTRIB is one of those commands back from the days of DOS which most folks don't even realize it's there. The purpose of the command, as its name implies, is to manage the attributes of files and folders. There are 4 attributes which it can manage:

  • A - Whether or…

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 3 February 2010

Why You Should Volunteer for a Code Camp / SQL Saturday

This past weekend I was at the Columbia Code Camp, which was a rousing success with 6 tracks, a number of great speakers, and 165 attendees. This despite freezing rain and losing some speakers from North Carolina due to the weather. I was a volunteer and speaker (last minute… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 1 February 2010