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K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security

IT Security, MySQL, Perl, SQL Server, and Windows technologies.

Archives: July 2009

Active August - Are You Onboard?

Thanks to Mike Walsh for really getting this started. Active August is similar to Fit February where folks endeavor to make changes in their lifestyle to get in better shape. I didn't join in on the Fit February but I do plan on getting on board for Active August.… Read more

Security Basics: Physical Security

 In IT security, we spend so much time trying to protect servers and computers on the wire (or on wireless) that we look at OS patches, firewalls, anti-malware, etc., to protect our systems. We typically assume our physical security is sufficient. But the real question is: "Is it really?" I… Read more

File/Folder/Share Permissions for DBAs and Database Developers

Every so often I run into a fellow DBA or database developer who isn't crystal clear on how file/folder and share permissions play together. If you're an MCSE or an experienced system administrator, this should be old hat for you. However, given that I've come across it enough, I thought… Read more

Rant: Updating Application Databases the Right Way

Recently, a fellow DBA showed me a set of documentation on a commercially available product. This is a product people pay money for to license and use. It's not an in-house developed application or a community released free sample. The good news is the application is being updated. This update… Read more

[Off-Topic] Looking Beyond the Technology

I've been quiet as of late, pretty much ever since i went to Bethany Summer Youth Camp (BSYC) as a leader of the sports evangelism team (using soccer to reach kids). This is something Thomas LaRock pointed out in his latest rankings, which are a great place to find… Read more