Printed 2017/07/22 03:01PM

Adobe Flash Player Update Available


There is an Adobe Flash Player available to address a security issue. The bulletin shows as being released February 24, 2008, however, my system didn't show an alert for it until this week. Details here:

Flash Player update available to address security vulnerabilities  Vulnerability identifier: APSB09-01

The reason I flag it is there are worms going around hitting the social networking sites and one of them tells you that Flash Player is out of date and needs to be updated. It's a new variant of Koobface (Worm_Koobface.AZ) and it spreads by you receiving a link about a new movie from a friend. When you go to click on the movie, it tells you that you need to update Flash and, of course, the executable you download is not an update to Flash but malware. It's a straight-forward social engineering attack but it is effective.

Given that, the best bet is to go directly to and update Flash Player from that site directly. If you get a different notice saying Flash needs to be updated, you know it's bogus.


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