Printed 2017/08/20 01:43PM

Adobe Acrobat/Reader 0day - Disable JavaScript


There is an active attack in the wild for the newly announced Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader vulnerability. While the attack isn't widespread, there is always the possibility of copycat attacks. One of the recommended suggestions is really easy to do, so I'm posting it here, and that's to disable JavaScript from within the Adobe application. For instance, with Adobe Reader 9, if you select Edit | Preferences, you'll bring up a dialog menu, one of the options of which is JavaScript. If you click on it,you'll have the option of disabling JavaScript within Adobe Reader. To do so, uncheck the box as show here:


 Adobe Reader 9 - Disable JavaScript

Right now there's not a patch out, but this is one way to minimize your exposure which shouldn't drastically affect productivity. Adobe has said they'll have a patch for the version 9 builds of these applications by March 11, 2009, with patches for versions 8 and 7 to follow afterwards.


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