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Miramar User Group and SQL Saturday Presentations


Here are the two presentations from last week. On Thursday I went to Miramar, Florida and presented Fortress SQL Server. This is a new presentation in which I tried to tie in some of the business aspects and concerns with regards to presenting our cases to business and our end users as to why we need resources for a security effort. That presentation wasn't one of my best, unfortunately. Special thanks to the brave souls who came out despite the weather. Hopefully you got something out of the presentation and I apologize for being late!

 Fortress SQL Server Presentation (zipped)

On Saturday I helped out with SQL Saturday #8 in Orlando and presented an updated Protecting Your SQL Server from Treasure Seekers to add content for SQL Server 2008, including using Policy Management for surface area configuration. I also got to meet up and talk at length with some great folks. Got to catch up with Andy Warren and Steve Jones and finally met Jack Corbett from the SQL Server Central forums and Robert Cain (twitter ArcaneCode). Jack, Robert, and I helped get lunch setup and ran the lunch lines although Jack admittedly did most of the work. Also got to talk more with Plamen Ratchev, who I had met earlier in the week.

Protecting Your SQL Server from Treasure Seekers (zipped)


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