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What I'm Reading (5 Oct 2008)

Technical: Counter Hack Reloaded by Ed Skoudis with Tom Liston

It's a security book and I'm rather late getting a review of it written for PASS. Ed Skoudis is also a well known instructor in the security field and considered an expert by many. Therefore, anything that makes me sharper on security in today's uncertain world is a must.

Personal Growth: The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott (not the ESPN analyst)

This book presents a Biblical based account on how to be a better husband. Servant leadership, sacrificial love for one's wife, and setting the example in humility, gentleness, tenderness, but also strength and courage are the marks of a husband who strives to follow Christ's example. This is very different than how some present the role of the husband, but it's very much in line with Scripture. Anything I can do to be a better husband to my wife is something I need to do.

For Fun: Complete Defense to King Pawn Openings by Eric Schiller

I despise the Caro-Kann when facing it over the chessboard. It's a solid opening and it has always given me fits. Since I'm primarily a 1. e4 player as White, I must be prepared to face it. So I'm looking at it from Black's perspective to understand where the problem points are so I can both teach it to my oldest son (it matches his style of play) and attack it in over the board play.


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Posted by Andy Warren on 6 October 2008

Brian, I'm envious of having the skill/time to pursue the chess openings. I love to play, but I've never invested the time to grow beyond the beginner +1 level, and I can't say I was born with native talent! That's a great thing to share with your children.

Posted by K. Brian Kelley on 6 October 2008

I played on my high school team and that was really competitive. We may have been just below what they called club level, but we were always gunning for one another so we were constantly seeking to get better. After that, I started coaching chess in the USAF, especially after reading about the academic benefits to kids. Math, not surprising. Reading, very surprising, but true. So naturally, we introduced it to our sons as part of their school curriculum. Now, every once in a while, they go up and play at my old high school. James, my oldest (10) has a couple of scalps already.

Posted by Anonymous on 7 November 2008

In addition to the reading list I'm still struggling to finish, I've always got other books partially

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