Printed 2017/08/21 06:05PM

Vendor Neutral Database Certification


First saw this off of Planet MySQL:

 New Vendor Neutral Database Certification (Dave's Stuff)

Following the link to the CIW site, there are six domains that are being tested:

  1. Relational Database Fundamentals
  2. Relational Database Design and Application
  3. Normalization and Database Design
  4. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  5. Relational Algebra and Databases
  6. Transactions, Concurrency Control and Security

I wonder how much traction this independent certification will get, given the flavors each of the various database platforms use of SQL and extensions thereof. However, if it works out, this would be a good certification to see if a particular developer or DBA understands the fundamentals of good database design, regardless of platform. It may mean you bring someone on who has only worked with SQL Server even though you're primarly an Oracle shop or something along those lines.

This will certainly be something I will keep track of in the coming months (set to be available in March 2008).


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