Printed 2016/05/24 07:27PM

Getting Better at Time Management


 One of the things I took from my overall performance last year is I need to get better at time management. While I feel I can get a lot done (and I've been told such by people I trust), I know I waste a lot of time. Too much time. When I think back to my days at The Citadel, especially as a "knob" (freshman), I realize that the whole experience at El Cid was about finding ways to do more in a limited amount of time. In some ways I got extremely efficient at certain tasks. However, that's the catch: at certain tasks. So this month I'm endeavoring to read and study more about time management. However, it can't just be about learning how to get better at using my time. I want to develop better time management habits, and that means putting what I read and learn into practice. And it means disciplining myself to practice those skills, even when they at first seem uncomfortable.

 How much time will I gain back? I don't know. One book I'm reading says 2 hours a day. I don't know if that'll be the case because I really don't have any experience to gauge this statement on. However, any time savings means more time to do the things I want to do, which include self improvement, spending time with family, and spending more time in the database community.

 For those interested in a similar endeavor, a blog I have found useful (though truthfully I haven't put much of what I've read there into practice) is The Productivity Pro.


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