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Thoughts from The Cuckoo's Egg


The Cuckoo's Egg
by Clifford Stoll has been around for a while, having been published in 1989. It details how a system administrator (a trained astronomer who had to find something else to do) tracked a malicious hacker through his system and numerous others including defense contractors and unclassified DoD systems. It's one of those books a lot of folks who work security say should be read if you're in the field. When I was a cadet at The Citadel, one of the other guys in my company was reading it and said it was a good thriller of a book. I meant to borrow it from him and never did. Then I meant to read it for some time but every time I thought about it, I would subsequently forget to go look for it or check it out from the library. Well, I finally did read it and found that my friend's assessment was a good one. I think my wife would agree as she swiped it away from me before I was done and finished it first.

As I went through the book I watched for security principles in play and what was true in 1989 in large part holds true today. Some of the things that were revealed as Mr. Stoll went through his meticulous process of tracking the intruder who was working for the KGB:

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