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New Windows Vista Security Blog


If you're keeping up with Windows Vista and you're interested in the security aspects of it, there's a new blog, with an appropriate title, from Microsoft:

Windows Vista Security

Microsoft has said it has designed Windows Vista to be more secure than previous operating systems, having learned a lot from its Trustworthy Computing initiative. Comparing the difference between Windows XP SP1 and Windows XP SP2, that was definitely a step in the right direction. Now MS has a whole track devoted to Vista at the BlackHat conference (days 2 & 3). Given what Microsoft is saying about Vista, it certainly seems like Microsoft is attempting to walk the talk. Having played with Vista on a decent laptop I have at work, I'm annoyed at all the pop-ups whenever I try to work with the configuration of the system, but then, this isn't something the regular work user would be doing, so I'm not too displeased. I know there will be some finetuning of these pop-ups before RTM ships as too many pop-ups can lead to a fatigue where the user just clicks yes without thinking about it.

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