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Archives: July 2006

Does your organization need a DBA?

Andy Leonard pens the following blog entry:

Database Professionals: An Enterprise Requirement

There are quite a few organizations that feel they can get by without a DBA on staff. They believe they are cutting cost, not realizing that they are incurring it. Andy covers the situation from a development perspective.…

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Succint Article on Encypting File System (EFS)

Encrypting File System, or EFS, first debuted in Windows 2000 and gave users to encrypt files without a 3rd party tool. There were some limitations in EFS under Windows 2000, among them the default Data Recovery Agent was the local Administrator account. This meant that if you tried to use…

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More SQL Server blogs

There is a new site for SQL Server blogs, SQLBlog.com. "Brought to you by Peter DeBetta & Adam Machanic," it has been up for about a month but is starting to pick up bloggers. Adam will be mirroring over to SQLJunkies for a while, but will eventually cut over…

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New Windows Vista Security Blog

If you're keeping up with Windows Vista and you're interested in the security aspects of it, there's a new blog, with an appropriate title, from Microsoft:

Windows Vista Security

Microsoft has said it has designed Windows Vista to be more secure than previous operating systems, having learned a lot from…

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Detecting SQL Server 2005 Properly

There is a new post in the SQL Server Express blog which indicates the right way to detect SQL Server 2005: Using WMI. The blog post is here:

FAQ: Detecting SQL Server 2005 using WMI

Relying on file paths don't work because file paths can always be altered at install,…

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Haidong Ji blogs on a tip for learning Perl

Haidong Ji, co-author of Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, blogged on Learning Perl using the Perl Debugger. Haidong posts SQL Server related content here on SSC.com but for his other interests include regular life, DotNetNuke, and other technologies, you'll find them on The Ji Village News

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Interview with Craig Mundie on Channel 9

Channel 9 has posted a 25 minute interview with Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer for Microsoft. You can find the Channel 9 page here:

Microsoft Platform Vision in the Post Bill Era: Meet Craig Mundie

It was an interesting interview on several points, so I'll only summarize…

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New SQL Server 2005 Books Online download available

As reported in several other places... there is a new Books Online (July 2006) for SQL Server 2005. You can download it here:


You'll want to do so from a high speed connection as the MSI comes in at a beefy 123 MB. After you've updated the title bar…

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Before you submit that incident to Microsoft...

Check out this post:

Things to consider before submitting an incident to Microsoft

Getting the information together before you make that phone call can speed up resolution to the issue. Also, if you do have a Technical Account Manager, that person can help drive the support call to a happy…

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Presenting at Columbia, SC DotNet User Group

I'll be presenting at the DotNet Columbia SC User Group on August 8th. My presentation is tentatively titled, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," in honor of two friends of mine who have just recently married to each other. The concepts behind the title:
  • Something old: Best practices…

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The Plumbing Behind MSDN 2

There is a very interesting article about how MSDN 2 utilizes SQL Server 2005 technologies, specifically Service Broker and CLR integration. The article goes into why certain decisions were made and how the asynchronous messaging available with Service Broker is a natural choice for this content aggregation system. It's certainly…

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Free Data Models

I saw this on a Channel 9 forum thread:

Library of Free Data Models

There are quite a few starter data models (what the author calls Kick-Start Data Models). Data modeling can be a very challenging endeavor to anyone who isn't familiar with the practice. There are some good…

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Get a Better Understanding of How Queries Execute

I was catching up on my blog reading (unfortunately, in some cases I'm a month behind) and came across a link to a new blog by Craig Freedman, a member of Microsoft's SQL Server team. If you care about understanding how queries execute and, therefore, how better to tune them,…

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A Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident

Found this link on one of the security mailing lists I peruse. You can find an archive of the original post here. Here is the link:

A Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident

This should be of interest to not only DBAs, but also system administrators,…

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New KB Article on Remote Mirroring Support Requirements

Microsoft has published a new Knowledge Base article on the requirements to receive support for what is known as remote mirroring.

Requirements for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 to support remote mirroring of user databases

That's basically where you duplicate a database across sites using a 3rd party…

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New Article on SQL Server 2005 Logins

I wrote a new article for SQL Server Central on SQL Server 2005 Logins. It covers the basics. This is the first in a series of articles on SQL Server 2005 security.

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