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SysInternals EULA Updated

The SysInternals licensing has been updated on the SysInternals website. The new licensing is something you'll want to take a look at if you use these tools. There is a change with respect to "embedding" a SysInternals tool within another program, script, etc. You can find the new licensing agreement here:


The portion that is catching everyone's attention is the following:

A commercial license is required to use the software in any way not covered above, including for example:

  • Redistributing the software in any manner, including by computer media, a file server, an email attachment, etc.
  • Embedding the software in or linking it to another program including internal applications, scripts, batch files, etc.
  • Use of the software for technical support on customer computers

The way I read this, if you use a script which calls a SysInternals product, you now need a commercial license. If that's the case, then something like the example given by Microsoft.com Operations would need just such a commercial license.

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Posted by Robert Sterbal-482516 on 4 December 2014

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