Printed 2017/03/28 05:42PM

Issues with SQL Server 2005 SP1


There have been reports of some issues with SQL Server 2005 SP1, especially with SQL Server Integration Services not starting as expected. If you're considering installing SP1, you'll probably want to verify the bug reports don't affect you:

I'm sure there are other sources, but that's what I found this morning after a quick search. There aren't a huge number of people screaming about problems with SP1, but then again, I don't know what the penetration of SQL Server 2005 looks like currently. However, if most of the folks are having issues, I'd assume there would be a lot more public outcry than what I've seen to date.But that's an assumption, so take it as such. If you're going to apply SP1 into your environment, remember the old proviso: test first and have a rollback plan.

If you're interested in what bugs have been fixed in SP1, you can find that here: Microsoft KB - A list of the bugs that have been fixed in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1

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