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SSIS Variable and Expressions Followup

By Bradley Schacht, 2011/09/30

Over the last week I have done several sessions either for the Pragmatic Works Free Training online or at SQL Saturday.  It has been a lot of fun, so thank you to everyone who has come out and hopefully learned something from one of the sessions I have done.  So, I mentioned a couple things I was going to do, one of which is post a quick recap and sample package from the Expressions and Variables session.  So here that is.  The other will come next week when I post some same situations and data sets that need to be cleaned up so you can try out using expressions to clean them up.  So the wrap up/followup/summary…

I did mention that I would upload a sample package with some things we did in the session as well as the more useful piece of information, the contents of the notepad document I was copying and pasting from. It has some good expressions in there. So here are the expressions I had saved.  Feel free to use them as you come across a need for them or just save them for later.
As always, be sure to check your results so that you don’t do a replace on the string RD to ROAD and end up changing the address 123 Boardwalk Rd to 123 BoaROADwalk Road.  That would be bad. Here is a link to the file that I created in the two sessions from SQL Saturday. It is in a zip file and to properly illustrate it you will need the Contoso Database.  it is a free download from codeplex.  There is also a flat file that goes along with the expressions data flow that is included in the zip file.
Here is the zip file.  Please let me know if you have any issues getting it downloaded:

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