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Bert Wagner

Bert Wagner is a Business Intelligence Developer at Progressive Insurance. He enjoys solving challenging data transformations with T-SQL and optimizing for query performance. In addition to BI development, Bert loves building ASP.NET MVC web apps and building Internet of Things projects.

Archives: August 2018

Ignoring NULLs with FIRST_VALUE

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube.

The SQL Server FIRST_VALUE function makes it easy to return the “first value in an ordered set of values.”

The problem is that if that first value happens to be a NULL, there is no easy, built-in way to skip it.

While a… Read more

6 comments, 1,340 reads

Posted in Bert Wagner on 28 August 2018

FizzBuzz and Multiple Recursive Member CTEs

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube.

Last week I needed to write a recursive common table expression.  I’ve written them before, but it’s been a while and needed to visit the documentation to reference the syntax.

Instead of going straight to the examples, I decided to read into some… Read more

4 comments, 2,190 reads

Posted in Bert Wagner on 21 August 2018

6 Techniques For Troubleshooting Your Code

This post is a response to this month’s T-SQL Tuesday #105 prompt by Wayne Sheffield.  T-SQL Tuesday is a way for the SQL Server community to share ideas about different database and professional topics every month.

This month’s topic asks to share a time you ran into a metaphorical… Read more

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Posted in Bert Wagner on 14 August 2018

Displaying Long Values in SSMS

Click here to watch this week’s video on YouTube.

I write a lot of dynamic SQL and frequently encounter variables that contain many characters:

	''A'' AS AShortValue,
	'''+REPLICATE(N'A',4000)+''' as ALongValue

This variable is 4059 characters long, and… Read more

2 comments, 259 reads

Posted in Bert Wagner on 7 August 2018