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Basit's SQL Server Tips

Basit Farooq is a Lead Database Administrator, Trainer and Technical Author. He has more than a decade of IT experience in development, technical training and database administration on Microsoft SQL Server platforms. Basit has authored numerous SQL Server technical articles, and developed and implemented many successful database infrastructure, data warehouse and business intelligence projects. He holds a master's degree in computer science from London Metropolitan University, and industry standard certifications from Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Brainbench, Prosoft and APM, including MCITP Database Administrator 2008, MCITP Database Administrator 2005, MCDBA SQL Server 2000 and MCTS .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications.

Archives: June 2013

xVelocity Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012

With the release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft introduced a new type of nonclustered index called xVelocity columnstore index in the SQL Server database engine. It is based on VertiPaq in-memory data compression technology. The xVelocity memory optimized columnstore indexes are one of the most significant performance and scalability enhancements… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 12 June 2013

Centralized SSIS solution to monitor failed SQL Server Agent Jobs across the enterprise

SQL Server Agent Jobs are crucial to any SQL Server environment as they are created and scheduled to perform critical business and operational tasks. As a database administrator (DBA) or developer, it is our responsibility to monitor SQL Server Agent Jobs to make sure they are running successfully, without any… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 12 June 2013

SQL Server Transactions and Locking (Part 2)

Checkout the part-2 of my two part article series on SQL Server Transactions and Locking here, in which you will learn how to manage transactions, how to set the transaction isolation level, and how some isolation levels use locking, while others use row versioning.

This article is published on… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 12 June 2013

SQL Server Database Backups and Recovery Models – (Part 1)

Whether caused by hardware failure, software errors or malicious actions, there is always a possibility of data loss. You should be prepared to deal with the loss of data and where possible recover your data. How well you plan for the possibility of failure, design of data protection strategy and… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 12 June 2013

Monitoring Blocked Processes with Event Notifications

SQL Server is able to service requests from a large number of concurrent users. When SQL Server is servicing requests from many clients, there is a strong possibility that conflicts will occur because different processes request access to the same resources at the same time. A conflict in which one… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 12 June 2013