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Avi Niv

Avi Niv is a senior consultant at Madeira. He is an expert in SQL Server administration and development. He has over 8 years of experience with SQL Server as well as with system infrastructures and with development projects.

Randomized Colors in Report

Randomized color report? So help my CODE!


Writing a Reporting Services report can be challenging, making you use the most of its features so that even the simplest tasks may require wider range of capabilities. One of those is using .NET code (VB.NET) in the report. This post outlines… Read more

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Posted in Avi Niv on 1 July 2014

Generating Email Reports using XML

SQL Server has some handy features: one of those features is dbmail, which I tend to use less until I’ve been asked to create a reports to be distributed on a daily basis. These reports can’t use any external tools (such as Reporting Services) and no attachments are allowed. The… Read more

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Posted in Avi Niv on 19 June 2014

Mind the Gap

Recently we deployed database mirroring in an environment with an Active Directory. The process is usually quite simple and straight-forward, but this time was different.

The mirroring should have been scripted, so it could be embedded in an application’s installation and deployed worldwide. As in any other sensitive infrastructure solution,… Read more

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Posted in Avi Niv on 4 March 2014

Memory Timeouts

Recently I was asked to investigate a timeout issue that was causing SSIS package executions to fail.

The timeouts seemed to have no pattern of any kind, there were no long blocking queries, the packages’ sessions were SUSPENDED until they timed out, and the sessions were not blocked at any… Read more

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Posted in Avi Niv on 30 December 2013