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Survey: Are you a SQL Server Professional and running on Mac?

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I know a handful people who are SQL Server Professionals and using for their day-2-day job a Mac system. Since the summer of last year I have also joined that group of people, and I’m doing the same. In my case I’m using a 2012 MacBook Air with a VMware Fusion VM where my SQL Server is installed. And for serious SQL Server stuff, I’m using a RDP connection to a full-blown rack server which is hosted in the basement of my house.

Today I want to ask you a very simple question: Are you also a SQL Server Professional and running on Mac?
If yes, I invite you to leave a comment, where you should also explain your reasons why you have done that shift.

In my case I just wanted to try a different OS, because I have used Windows on the desktop for almost 20 years (including the DOS area), and I just wanted to see and learn something new. And yes – a Mac is just cool and sexy :-) And the whole story about the new UI in Windows 8 doesn’t really convinced me.
And PLEASE don’t get me wrong: this is NOT a pro/con Windows/Mac survey/blog posting, I’m just interested in the REASONS why people are doing that shift. 

In a few weeks from now I will do a follow-up blog posting where I’m presenting the results of this survey.

Thanks for your help


Klaus Aschenbrenner

Klaus Aschenbrenner provides independent SQL Server Consulting Services across Europe and the US. Klaus works with the .NET Framework and especially with the SQL Server 2005/2008 from the very beginnings. In the years 2004 - 2005 Klaus was entitled with the MVP award from Microsoft for his tremendous support in the .NET Community. Klaus has also written the book Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker which was published by Apress in the Summer of 2008. Further information about Klaus you can find on his homepage at http://www.SQLpassion.at. He also twitters at http://twitter.com/Aschenbrenner.


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