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Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Day

By Klaus Aschenbrenner, 2012/12/10

Due to the huge demand of SQL Server Troubleshooting Know How and Techniques I’m running on January 29 (Vienna/Austria) and January 31 (Zurich/Switzerland) my 1 day workshop called “Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Day” (see for further information).

During this 1 day workshop we will take a default installation of SQL Server, and run an OLTP workload with a several hundred users to generate our initial baseline for performance tuning/troubleshooting. Throughout the day we will work across various areas of SQL Server to implement different performance optimizations, and check how those changes will impact the throughput of our test workload. At the end of the day we will have a well-performing SQL Server which can handle a much larger workload than the initial (default) installation.

Following areas are covered in this workshop:

I have also presented this content in November at the SQLPASS Summit in Seattle/USA as a precon with around 130 attendees. Here is some feedback from them:

So if you are also interested in improving your SQL Server performance/throughput, don’t hesitate and register at There is also an early-bird price available until the end of this year.

See you soon!


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