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Vacation Notes

By Andy Warren, 2013/06/11

First stop was Philadelphia, mostly because we scheduled our vacation to coincide with SQLSaturday #200, but also because we had never been.

We took Amtrak to DC, first train ride for the kids and my wife. Parked the bags with a Redcap so we could get a snack while we waited. He got us on the train nicely too. I was impressed with the Wifi, free and fast and I think only dropped once in a tunnel. Parts of it were scenic, parts of it were not, but entirely comfortable, and fast. Just over 2 hours. About $150 for the four of us. Not as cheap as renting a car, but a lot more fun and relaxing.

In DC:

Agent Double Gnome 7|International Spy Museum Store

Of the two, we enjoyed DC more. We’ve been twice now and definitely haven’t seen it all. I suspect it will be a year or two before we return, let the kids grow some, but it’s a great place to take the family.

After 8 days I was ready to be home, grateful for the short ride to Ronald Reagan Airport, though we hit a lot of turbulence coming into Orlando as we crossed over the first tropical storm of the season. All in all a very nice vacation.

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