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Notes From The January 2012 OPASS Meeting

By Andy Warren, 2013/01/21

OPASS meetings are held at Logans Roadhouse in Sanford now, I think the fourth location over the past couple years, but maybe the best so far. Easy access, plenty of parking, the only downside for me is that it’s all the way across Orlando from where I work. Took an hour to make the drive today.

I arrived really early, but not the earliest – Rodney and Karla Landrum were already there, so I sat at the bar with them and had some dinner while we waited on the crowed to arrive.

Karla did the welcome speech tonight, did a good job covering for Shawn who has a cold and looked like he was going to fall over. Only a couple new faces in the crowd tonight, plus Tek Systems present as the Q1 sponsor for oPASS, and Yanni Robel from Seattle in town for the marathon this weekend.

The first presentation was on SSIS by a mother/son team of Lilly and Jason, Jason is just 16! Going smoothly, he’s got his demo set up well,zoomed in when needed – nicely done. Hope we see him on the schedule for SQLSaturday Always great to see someone new join the speaker ranks,oPASS has a great history of growing people.

Our main speaker is Allen White, visiting from Cleveland, showing off Powershell for managing SQL Server. He started with a great intro to Powershell in about 10 minutes, then into the SQL specific stuff. Allen is a great reminder that passion matters. He loves Powershell, no way you can sit and listen and not be energized by that passion.

I had to leave early, about 8:30 pm, but had a great time.

Now, some post meeting thoughts:

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