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PASS Summit 2012-Wednesday Keynote Part 2

Ted Kummert speaking.

  • Talking about SQLFamily and the way this event feels like a family reunion (it does)
  • Showing a picture of release date at MS for SQL 2012, wishes we were there (maybe some video next time? Some community people? Shipping software is hard, had to be a good moment)
  • SP1 for SQL 2012 available today
  • Long prelude about change and big data
  • In memory transactional capability: Hekaton, will ship in next release
  • Shawn Bice to do the demo
  • High perf in memory db, good for times when you need more performance. about 2000 transaction per second in the demo and 33% cpu, change to Hekaton, tool helps find bottlenecks, now migrating table to run in memory – no application change needed, about 9x better performance
  • Now looking at a proc that does inserts, compile proc to run in memory, 29x better perf
  • Now doing a clustered columnstore index demo, not bad
  • Bwin overview,using SQL for session state,about 15k transactions per second, got the point of not scaling (that doesn’t seem right – maybe just not fun to scale anymore?), up over 200k with Hekaton
  • Talking about Insight & Hadoop on Windows a little
  • PDW 2012 coming in H1 2013
  • Christian Kleinerman doing demo
  • Logging in as SA – wow
  • Explaining in a big system something will always be in a fail state. Moderately true.
  • Mentions we’re a critical audience when a copy/paste fails – we are sometimes!
  • Counted a PB of data fast! 1 second. I don’t care how you do it, that’s good.
  • Not sure why Ted stays on stage, seems like a good time for a drink of water during the demo
  • Polybase new feature, unifies queries between relational and Hadoop, makes sense, will be
  • Can tell they sweating mistakes. That’s good. It’s a big deal to get to speak to this audience, make the time count. That said, we’re geeks, we know things go wrong. We’ll forgive a typo or other goof, just don’t be boring! So far so good.
  • Whoever wrote “bi moment” into the script….
  • Now Amir Netz, usually good for a great demo
  • Ted takes a break. Thinking that is plausible deniability in case Amir goes wild!
  • Some people like pie charts. Some just like pie.
  • Blogger wireless failing.
  • Doing some movie analysis. Clearly Excel is still gaining ground as the analysis tool of choice. Not dumb, users get the mental model, just extend it.
  • Built in zoom gets applause (long standing complaint from us attendees, we want to be able to see what you’re so excited about)
  • Amir is super entertaining, in a good way – watch his part, the lesson is not technical, its that if you can hide all the plumbing (that we love so much) you can do interesting things in what feels like obvious common sense ways
  • Ted is back
  • Calm summary now, not sure I like it, feels like it should have ended with Amir – everyone wound up

Overall this was a good keynote, worth time to watch.


I'm Andy Warren, currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years I've been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. I was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.


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