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I'm Andy Warren, currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years I've been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. I was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.

Archives: February 2012

The Armor of Transparency

Yesterday I blogged about hosting a daily status meetings and some of the tricks I use to make it work. One of those that is worth extra attention is the meeting notes – at the end of each meeting I send out notes (not minutes – not that formal) that… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 February 2012

The Daily Status Meeting

For the past six months or so I’ve hosted a daily status meeting for a large project. It started out scheduled for 15 minutes and as the team grew, I found that we often ran out of time – not due to idle chit chat, but because we spent 3… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 26 February 2012

First Impressions

I was chatting with a friend recently who had been in turn chatting with a colleague about first impressions. The colleague had gone to the lobby to meet a candidate and escort them to the interviewer, and during the walk had tried to make small talk, offered them some water,… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 21 February 2012

Selected to Speak at SQLRally 2012

I was excited to receive the email on Friday that I’d been selected to present at SQLRally #2 in Dallas this year, doing my presentation Building Your Professional Development Plan. Always nice to get some good news on a Friday!

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Posted in SQLAndy on 20 February 2012

Speaking at MagicPASS on February 22, 2012

Next Wednesday I’ll be returning to MagicPASS to do a presentation on SQL security for developers. It’s an interesting topic, with the trick – in my view – to focus on things that developers care about or need to know, and not load them up on things that only a… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 17 February 2012

Sarasota IT Pro Camp

The first Sarasota IT Pro Camp is being held on Saturday, February 18th 2012 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Keiser University, 6151 Lake Osprey Drive, Sarasota, FL 34240. I won’t be attending this one, wishing the team a great event!

Here’s the current schedule:

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Posted in SQLAndy on 13 February 2012

Battery Life–The Hidden Cost of Keeping a Laptop

I’ve had my Dell E6500 for about 3-1/2 years now. I’ve recently upgraded the original (back when a SSD was a new thing) 64G drive to a 128G SSD, but otherwise spent no money on it. Good machine. Over the last couple months battery life has seemed to drop off,… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 13 February 2012

PASS Chapter Tools–My Wish List

I’m hoping this year will be the year that PASS makes a substantial investment in tools – the online kind – for chapters. Just providing DNN hosting is not enough, and while I like having that option for the group or person that wants to be a power user, for… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 11 February 2012

Review: I Done This

IDoneThis is a simple web site for tracking accomplishments. The premise is that you get a checkbox on the calendar each time you post an update, the string of checkboxes serves as an incentive to keep going. There is no goal setting beyond picking daily or weekly for the update… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 10 February 2012

Notes from the February Space Coast SQL Meeting

I drove over to Melbourne last night to the new home of Space Coast SQL at the Harris Institute for Assured Information, located on the Florida Institute of Technology Campus. Not hard to find, good parking, great building, great room for the group – modern classroom with nice furniture and… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 10 February 2012

Stages of the Game?

Saw this post by Seth Godin on Stages of the Game. Interesting, I identified with it – I’m competitive, and competing means understanding the rules and sometimes playing the boundaries. Calling it a game doesn’t, in my view at least, trivialize the effort and impact of trying to win. Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 9 February 2012

An Unclassy Error

I saw this on a TV while walking through a store. More than a but amusing, but not too helpful to the user. Seems like it would be easy enough to tell if the connection was not working and report that as a separate error.


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Posted in SQLAndy on 8 February 2012

Opt In/Out of Personalized Microsoft Ads

Nice to have the option, you can opt-out (default is in) of having personalized ads. I turned it off, the ads ended up being jarring, in one case seeing an ad for a laptop bag on a woodworking site.

Ads pay the bills. In theory personalized ads are a… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 7 February 2012

Kindle Fire Update

We’ve had two of them since right after the launch and overall I’m pleased. They get used quite a bit by everyone, and they are useful at home.

For the kids it’s mostly the games, Amazon offers a good selection of free games and everyday features a ‘not free’ app… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 6 February 2012

Magazines I Read This Year

In December I went through my current magazine list and made some changes, mostly based on what I had been picking up in airports to read. As you can tell I love magazines, a great way to get a lot of ideas in convenient packaging, and one of the times… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 3 February 2012

SQL Stickers–Someone Should Build It

Here’s a niche idea that someone might have some fun with, build a site where someone can request some or all of the various laptop stickers out there with one request. Capture the request and send it off to the various vendors. A more advanced implementation might be to do… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 2 February 2012

Speaking at Space Coast SQL Users Group on Feb 9, 2012

I’ll be visiting the Space Coast group (http://spacecoast.sqlpass.org/) on Feb 9th to do a presentation on Professional Development Plans. I’m looking forward to the visit. Always fun to talk about professional development and some of what I’ll be presenting is ideas for the planned “part two” I hope… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 1 February 2012