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What Will Be The Shared Experience at Summit 2011?

Last year it was the Tina Turner impersonator. Was it last year or the year before where the servers spun up to the point it sounded like they would take off?

I thought the Tina Turner experience was the first one that really stuck. It was one of those “I was there when” moments. I wish we were trying for that this year. I suppose it would be easy to do some riff on Tina Turner (and I don’t know if they will), but that seems…lazy.

Can shared experiences be contrived? Should they? Or should we just capture them if and when they happen?


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Posted by Peter Schott on 21 September 2011

2009 was the year the servers tried to take off. I remember hearing them from mid-room. I thought there was a loader moving behind the stage until someone commented that the sound was coming from the servers. At least they didn't shut down due to overheating. :)

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