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PASS Update #29

By Andy Warren, 2010/04/29

By the time you read this we’ll have completed the transfer of the SQLSaturday web sites and data to PASS HQ, leaving only the clean up tasks of transferring the domain and the email aliases for active events, something we plan to do by the second week of May. It definitely took longer than I had hoped, but it’s done, and now we can move into the next phase:

A smaller project I took on was coming up with a concept for a ‘regional’ event, something that would fit in between a SQLSaturday and the Summit in terms of cost, size, and value. I wanted to put in a first class effort, so the proposal took four days over the course of a 10 day period. We’re looking at two different ways of attacking it, and as I write this we’re still in the review stage, will try to share a lot more detail soon.

Another interesting problem cropped up within the Board, we don’t really have a good process for managing votes. Votes require a motion, a second, but after that voting by email requires a longer timeline because not all are instantly accessible, and we want to give everyone time to vote. To make that more complicated, sometimes we need a vote now (rarely), and for things like the minutes we really only need a majority of votes before we release them to the members. It’s a case of having a one page process will really make things go smoother, and will be nice to hand to new board members.

May will be – hopefully – a slow time for me with regard to PASS, catching up on work and life related stuff, and then in June resuming work on the much delayed speaker bureau.

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