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Wrapping Up Blogging for 2009

By Andy Warren, 2009/12/30

I think I’ve met my goal of blogging every day. I’m at almost 800 posts now over the past 2.5 years and forcing myself to write something every day has been useful. I won’t say that what I write every day is note worthy, but it’s practice, both in writing and being disciplined in achieving a goal. As I look back on 2009 I’ve spent a lot of time on PASS and networking, and that shows up in my blog posts. I definitely find it to be the most fun when I can dig into something and write more than one thing about it, the series on networking being a great example of that.

In 2010 I’m planning to move the blog to Blogger or Wordpress or something, get a better set of tools to work with. I may – not decided yet – switch to a multiple blog format, and start to put more time into my separate interests; books, SQL, managing, woodworking. I can’t write something daily for each, that’s not sustainable, but I could write one thing for each blog once a week. If I do that I’ll need an aggregate blog or personal site or similar. Just not sure, yet!

I think I will also move away from a goal of posting every day, giving myself the freedom of taking a vacation or the odd day off, but still writing something most days. I’d like to learn to drive more comments on what I write, and I need to try harder at using Twitter in conjunction with blogging. I don’t want to get too focused on reads, yet given the time investment I make, if there are things I can do to reach a larger audience that just require technology and process, I think it makes sense to do them. I need to work harder on tagging, but strangely it’s one part I don’t enjoy, even though I know that grouping content makes it easier for the reader to find more stuff that I’ve written. I’m also hoping to spend some time with my local user group to promote blogging among our members, maybe an informal class or coaching to see what comes of that. The mechanics of blogging are easy enough, but writing – that’s not easy for most people and encouragement definitely helps.

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