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Authors Needed for the SQL Server Standard (PASS) & Almost Engraved Invitations

By Andy Warren, 2009/12/02

SQL Server Standard editor Grant Fritchey needs more content! We’ve got about three done and three more in the pipeline, but we’d really like to get a lot more articles under way. Thinking about writing? Here’s the info direct from

We consider the SQL Server Standard to be our highest quality content, written by a professional with 5+ years experience in the subject area. Members wishing to submit an abstract should meet the following criteria:

If you meet the qualifications, please send a title and one paragraph abstract to Grant Fritchey. We will review your qualifications and the abstract and follow up with you in 1-2 weeks. If accepted, we will forward you the details on how to proceed. Authors are paid $500 for articles that are accepted and completed as scheduled.

It’s a chance to add something to your resume, give back to the community, support PASS, and earn $500. I hope you’ll think about it, or if you’re not ready, forward this to someone you know that would be a good candidate.

I know from experience that undirected calls for help often get lost in the grind, so beginning this week I’m going to start sending out personal invitations (though you might call them something else!) to people that I know have the ability, if not the time. I think the $500 probably carries more weight than the invitation, but it’s always nice to be asked – so I’m going to ask:-)

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