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SQLSaturday #21 Shirt Snafu!

By Andy Warren, 2009/10/16

Thought I’d share a funny story. Way back before SQLSaturday #1 my friend Shawn recommended a local shirt/embroidery vendor, I went over to meet them, and it’s the proverbial one person shop. Great work, great prices, never failed me yet. The kind of place you call if you need an immediate answer, email gets answered once a day. I went over yesterday to pick up the shirts for the event this weekend and we chatted for a couple minutes, she was excited I went with something besides white for the t-shirts (ash gray if you’re curious). Chat done, load up the stuff and head back to the office.

Open up the box to pull out the shirt for Andy Leonard and the first shirt was embroidered “Bob”, for one of my volunteers/speakers, Bob Blaydes. Looks good. Look at the second shirt, guess was embroidered? Blaydes! Little mixup in the communication there, so the first time speakers will get a first name shirt and a last name shirt!

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