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Idea for PASS Summit 2010 – Share Your Other Passions

By Andy Warren, 2009/09/30

I’ve had the glimmer of this idea since I posted about the idea of bringing my chair to the 2009 PASS Summit. I’ve got a few other interests besides SQL Server, and so does everyone else. Probably more than a few of the attendees have a hobby that includes making something or showing off some interesting skill, so why not make that part of the social side of the event? What if we set up an area where everyone can display their work, maybe one or two items per person. Could be things for sale, for show, or maybe a raffle or auction.

In particular I like the idea of an auction or raffle, where some of the proceeds could go towards a good cause or two. My first idea – perhaps not the best – is to build a speaker fund to help chapters, but it might be just as interesting to fund a scholarship or just support a true charity.

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